Experience In-Venue, Social TV

Attract TV is a dynamic digital messaging, entertainment, and engagement platform that creates a unique, in-venue social and music experience.

A Digital Messaging Platform for Venues

Attract TV digital messaging allows venues to create, schedule and display custom messages on the Attract TV screen. Venue messages appear frequently to help venues inform and connect with their patrons.

Extends the Jukebox Music Experience

Attract TV complements the TouchTunes music experience by promoting the song “Now Playing” on the jukebox, top played songs at the venue, popular playlists and song and artist promotions.

Social Posts Let Patrons Share the Fun

Patrons can post personal messages and photos to Attract TV using their Twitter and Instagram accounts, sharing their experience both in-venue and out to their social networks.

Compelling Premium Content

Keep patrons engaged and entertained with sports and entertainment content including the latest sports scores, team and player profiles, predictive play sports, action videos, entertainment news feeds, passive trivia, and more.