The Ultimate In-Venue Social TV Experience

TouchTunesTV powered by UPshow is an exciting social marketing platform that helps venues drive customer referrals through word of mouth marketing, and increase dwell time by providing a unique and engaging social experience.

Real Social Engagement and Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Customers share their in-venue experience by posting pictures and video to their Instagram or Twitter accounts. The posts appear on TouchTunesTV while also promoting the venue to the person’s social media network.

Put Your Venue in the Spotlight

TouchTunesTV converts your venue’s TVs into valuable digital signage that can feature food and drink specials, events and more.

Keep The Conversation Going

Each time a customer engages with TouchTunesTV, the service automatically builds a dynamic customer database that allows venues to stay in contact to help drive repeat business.

Extends the Jukebox Music Experience

TouchTunesTV complements the TouchTunes music experience by promoting the song “Now Playing” on the jukebox, top played songs at the venue, popular playlists and song and artist promotions.

You Are In Control

Easily manage your TouchTunesTV account from your desktop, tablet or mobile application. You can see who is posting, view stats, create custom messages and more.